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Online Wardrobe Consultations and Personalised Shopping Advice

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Feel great by looking great

I'm Alice, An Expert in Fit and Style

I'm here to help with all your wardrobe needs: cleaning out your closet, finding the right shapes for your body, honing in on your personal style, or perfecting styling tips!  

I have fifteen years experience in fitting and shopping assistance, working in small boutiques and luxury fashion houses in London. I can easily spot where clothes can be tweaked to fit the wearer better, and I specialise in adapting to and refining other people's style- no matter their age, gender, body type, or budget.


I am committed to inclusivity in fashion, and want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and confident!  Additionally, I support sustainability in fashion practices, but understand the constraints of every day life can make it challenging to be completely sustainable, so can give realistic options and solutions to your wardrobe woes. 


My biggest joy is helping people feel great by looking great! 


What's On Offer

Pick and choose what services work the best for you

Fittings: I offer in-person and virtual fittings. I can help you decide what to keep or let go of, tailor pieces you love but might need a tweak, or give you styling advice for your existing wardrobe. 

Personalised Capsule Collections: If you need help finding the right silhouette for your shape, or don't know where to start looking for that perfect piece, or simply can't be bothered to trawl through all the online shops- I'll do it for you! I'll create a multi-page PDF personalised to your needs, with links to items I think will work best for you.

Text shopping assistance: For on-the-go advice, either in a fitting room or your own closet, text me photos and I'll give you advice in real time! 

Consignment: For pieces you are ready to let go of, but don't want to just give it away for free. I'll photograph, list, manage, and send your unwanted pieces and we'll split the profit. Win win!

Bundles: If you want several services, I've created a couple different groupings of services at a discounted rate.


Examples of Services

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